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Important Message From The Universe - The Theme for Lightworkers and Intuitives

Mar 21, 2022

On March 19, 2022 I was placed in a hypnotic trance by Arianna Corsino from The Realm Of Prosperity.

During the session, several people were able to ask my Higher Self different questions, and many of them asked about their spiritual journeys.

Towards the end of the session, Arianna asked my Higher Self what the theme is for lightworkers and intuitives for this year.

You can watch the video to hear the message, or continue reading for the transcript.

The theme is self acceptance.

It's acceptance of all of the pain that has taken place in your life. Acceptance of all the disappointment. Acceptance of all the let down. Acceptance of all of it, because when we accept it, instead of fighting it, we can also forgive it.

We can forgive the experiences that brought on the pain and the discouragement and the disappointment. And in that forgiveness is a seed of hope. From hope, faith can be born.

And when we can accept the trying times, along with the good ones, we can have more appreciation for everything in  our lives. And although it may sound counterintuitive, when we can be grateful and accepting of the bad things that
happened, it actually paves the way for more good things to happen.

Because in contrast to the bad, we have the good, and we can place more attention on the good, and we can put more energy  into that, which gives us more of that. And when we can accept that in this lifetime, things that we would label as bad will continue to happen, they don't don't steal your thunder as much. They don't knock you on your face as hard ,because you've come to accept them and to embrace them. And if you can pour loving energy and blessings onto the situations that have brought you heartache and struggle, then you can open up the door to universal boundless love in all of its forms, for yourself and even for others.

And so in self acceptance, there is also self love and love for life and love for all of its seasons. So the theme for each of you is self acceptance.

It is also in alignment with calling back the parts of your soul and your spirit that maybe in the energies of people that no longer deserve you.

Self acceptance and self love can also be in forgiving yourself for all the times that you told yourself that you're not good enough. You're not worthy. You're not fill-in-the-blank, because you are worthy and you are good enough.

And the mistakes that you made in the past were simply mistakes. You went down a path that didn't serve you. You entered a friendship that didn't serve you, because you didn't have all the information at the time. And in that experience, you learned something.

You learned something about the world. You learned something about yourself, and you learned something about empathy and of love. There were so many
questions today, today about spiritual goals and spiritual growth, and self acceptance is also acceptance of where you are in your spiritual journey. And self acceptance, accepting all the parts of you. And all the pieces of you, is the gateway to spiritual growth and spiritual goals and your spiritual

So as you move along this day and every day after, spend some time in self acceptance. Spend time embracing  and honoring your own worthiness. Your own worthiness to be here. To give yourself permission to enjoy all  of life, and to make a thousand more mistakes from this day forward. And to accept all of these mistakes and mishaps as part of your soul's growth and journey, because your spiritual goals and spiritual growth, they never come to an end. They simply change.

And when you get to the end of this lifetime and  you transition into the next you'll simply create yet another goal, there'll be another point of growth. And that will be
rooted in self acceptance as well.

So always accept yourself fully for the divine being that you are for the physical being that you are. And for the flawed person, you sometimes are. 

Embrace yourself in self-acceptance, and you'll always know who you are.

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