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Are There Romantic Relationships In Heaven?

Feb 10, 2021

If you're like most spirit seekers, you have a lot of questions regarding the afterlife. You may wonder things like:

- Where do we go when we die?
- Is Hell a real place?
- What do people do in heaven?
- Can we really continue to have a relationship with our loved ones after they pass on?

And if those are the type of questions that fill your mind, you may have wondered whether or not romantic relationships are possible in the afterlife too.

It's a great question, and one that most people talk about. While I'm familiar with my own view on this, I thought it would be fun to enlist  the view of 4 other gifted psychic mediums so that they can share their thoughts on this topic as well.

I enlisted the help of:

Mark Anthony Psychic Lawyer
Adreyauna of Ink To Prosperity
Mary Marshall of The Paranormal MD and
Susan Cay of Spiral Healing Arts

Here's their view of whether or not people can form relationships on the other side.

To clarify, this video discusses whether or not NEW relationships are formed in heaven. We also talk about the likelyhood of starting new families and having children on the other side.

Most people see the title and assume that this is about whether or not those who are still here, on earth, can maintain relationships with people in heaven. The answer to that is - Yes! Of course they can! That's what mediumship and spirit communication is all about. Allowing YOU to maintain that relationship with your loved ones in heaven.

While you may not agree with the views of these mediums, please be kind and respectful if you choose to leave a comment. This video became my most controversial one the day it was released, for reasons that I don't quite understand.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy this video and the information in it.

Many blessings,


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