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Can Reincarnated Loved Ones Greet Us In Heaven?

Apr 11, 2021


As we get older, we lose people we love along the way, and few things bring us more strength and more hope than knowing that one day, when we cross over, we will be reunited with them. But have you ever stopped to wonder if your loved ones in heaven will still be there when its time for you to make your transition into the spirit world?

Some people worry that their loved ones will reincarnate before then, and that they won't be able to reunite when them when that day comes. However, it is entirely possible for your loved ones to still connect with you even if they have reincarnated. There are several different theories as to why that is, but for now, I want to go over the top three that provide a 360 view as to how this could be possible.

The Universe is a hologram, and perhaps even a video game.

This theory states that the Universe exists within the consciousness of some type of being or maybe several beings. And when we break this down and look at our reality as a game, that means is that there is a player somewhere and we are the avatars acting out the directions of that player.

So I want you to stop and think about an actual video game. Imagine that you're sitting on a recliner or chair or your favorite sofa and in your hands you are holding a remote control. Now, this is where we're going to pause and we're asking "who is holding that remote control?" When it comes to the spirit world, who's holding that?

Well, there is a belief in many different cultures and in different religious systems that state that there is a part of our higher self, of our spirit, that is always in the spirit world. So the person that is holding that remote control, that is guiding the character through that game, would be your higher self, which is always in the spirit world.

So, who is the character?

When we're playing a video game, we have an avatar, right? If we're playing a different role playing game, we can create our own character, which means we decide if our character is tall, short, heavy, slim, athletic, blonde, brunette, has a scar, has perfect skin...we get to initiate and direct exactly how the physical appearance of our character is.

And as we begin to play the game, we also get to determine what type of attitude our character is going to have. We get to decide if that character is maybe going to be a fairy, an explorer, a detective, a warrior, a soldier of some sort, some type. Is this person going to be rogue? Does he or she follow the rules? You know, and as we interact with different people in the game, a personality begins to unfold and different adventures become present to us and we have all these different choices that we get to make in the video game.

Well, those of us who are here on the Earth are the avatars of that video game. So we are the ones that are interacting with this 3D reality, with this console, with this construct, and the reality could be that this isn't the reality. This is the video game.

But in this Spirit world where our higher self is still dwelling, that would be the real self. That would be the real world, so to speak. So what that means is that if somebody were to reincarnate, there's a part of their soul that is always in the spirit world. So that right there already tells us how we are able to connect with the spirit of our loved one if they've reincarnated at the time of our passing. 

All time is happening right now.

At this moment, you are in all states of time at the same time because time isn't linear. Time is actually stacked on top of each other like layers in a cake. All time is happening at the exact same moment, and that's true for the spirit world, too. 

Most of us think of time is having two points. We have a beginning and we have an end. And we move through those points in a linear fashion, right? So we would go from left to right or from right to left and we are moving through time in that way. Now, that is how we experience time in this construct, in this virtual reality game. As humans, that's how we perceive the passing of time as we're moving through it in that linear fashion.

Well, what most theories on time explain is that there actually is no time. Time does not exist. It is a construct of the human mind that helps us to navigate through this experience that we're having in our physical reality. But what's fascinating is that many of these theories state that all time is happening at exactly the same time. So we're not actually moving through time, in a linear fashion. All time is actually stacked on top of each other.

This means that at this very moment, while you are reading this, while I am typing this out, I am also sitting on the couch watching TV. I am also knitting a new blanket. I am also being scolded by my parents when I'm five years old. I am also creating another video. I'm meditating. I'm cooking my boyfriend an amazing dinner.

All of this is happening at the exact same time. And if you really want your mind blown, that means that at this exact moment, while you are reading this, right now Jesus is giving his Sermon on the Mount. Peter is out throwing his net and trying to catch some fish. There is the invasion of Alexander the Great happening right now, because all time is happening now.

Now let's talk about time in the spirit world.

Time doesn't appear to have a construct in the spirit world. Spirit beings can move backwards and forwards in time and be in the present moment, because time doesn't exist there. So while we understand and acknowledge that all time is happening at once, what that means is that when you cross over into the other side, your loved ones who may have reincarnated are still there because time doesn't exist and they can move in and out of that sequence at any moment that they want. So they have more fluidity. They have more ability to move through this concept of time because they are not in a physical body. They're in spirit form, which means they have a lot more freedom of movement than we have.

3. The soul is omnipresent and can be in several different places all at once.

It can be in different realms, different realities, and different planets, leading parallel lives. Which means that right now, your soul is both here and in the spirit world. this is how people are able to lead parallel lives. And if you've ever read the book, Journey of souls, or if you read different books on the afterlife or even just different older texts, religious texts, I'm blanking out on the one that I want to mention right now, but there is the concept of parallel lies, which means that your soul is living out more than one life at the same time. Now, this is not referring to twin flames because a twin flame is the idea that the soul is split in two. It is incarnated in two different bodies and you have to basically spend your life looking for that other person in order to be whole. That is not what parallel lives are about. Parallel lives and the omnipresence of your soul means that your soul is always whole. It is always holy, it is always together, right? And it is connected with everything and everyone in the universe. So your soul is never split in half and it's actually never separated, but it expands, right? There's this expansion of the soul. And so as I'm sitting here, sharing this knowledge with you today, I could be living out another life in Nigeria. I could be living out another life in Canada. I could be living out another life, I don't know, in South Florida. And while that is happening, my soul is not being dissected in all these different factors to be able to fit in these different people. My soul is expanding out and is able to be in all of these places, living out these different experiences simultaneously, but I'm not aware of it because the biology of this physical body only allows me to focus on this body on this experience, at this time. So, if we're able to have these parallel lives here on Earth, we're also able to have a parallel life while we are still in this spirit world. And the spirit world is really where everything is connected, right? It is through spirit that we have this feeling of Oneness, that we are all joined, that we're all connected. So the whole idea of the soul being able to be in many different places at the same time and also having a sort of higher self that's always in the spirit world, does resonate with me because if we have a part of ourselves,  that's always in spirit, I think that gives us more credence as to how spirit communication is even possible. Especially for people like me who are mediums, because if we're able to tune into that part of ourselves that is still in the spirit world, I believe it's through that mechanism that we are able to connect with the others in spirit. So it's not necessarily that we have a stronger spirit connection than most people, it's that we have a stronger connection to our higher selves which is able to help us to connect to those different spirits in the spirit world.

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