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How To Get The Most Out of A Tarot Reading

Mar 08, 2021

Getting a tarot reading is exciting. As your reader draws your cards, you feel a great sense of anticipation as you wonder what she will tell you about your life or your future. Will she predict a lofty inheritance, a new job position, a new love life or a new child? Or will she predict bankruptcy, a corporate lay off, the end of a friendship or worse?

The important thing to keep in mind is that tarot readings will not show you the absolute outcome of any situation. It simply shows you the most probable future based on your current path. This is what makes Tarot an amazing tool. It not only shows you what the future currently holds but, if you have a good reader, it can show you how to change your path if you don’t like what the tarot has revealed to you.


Finding a Tarot Reader

As with any profession, there are good tarot readers and there are not so good tarot readers. You want an outstanding tarot reader, so do your homework. Check out the websites and listings of different tarot readers and see if they have any testimonials. Also, see if they have any examples of their work, like a video or blog. This will give you an idea of their style and whether they’re a good match for you. You can also check out their social media platforms such as twitter, facebook, Google+, etc. to see how they interact with others.

Ask One Question

It can be tempting to ask a psychic about your entire life and that’s understandable. After all, the answer to your life’s questions are in that mysterious deck of cards. But in order to get a good tarot reading, your reader needs to put her energy out into the universe to answer that question. She is also taking energy in when she receives your answer, and truth be told, it can be overwhelming for us when we receive energy from several different situations instead of just one. Remember: every aspect of your life has it’s own energy. We need to focus on one aspect, one energy, so that we can provide you with clear and concise answers.

Be Specific

I’m sure you’ve heard that old saying ‘the devil is in details’, which basically means that details are important. Without them, you could miss something. The same is true of a tarot reading.

See, a lot of people go to a reader and they are extremely generic in their requests. They will say “Tell me about my love life” or “Tell me about my career”. They don’t want to feed their reader extra information for fear of being tricked or swindled. This is certainly understandable as there are a lot of frauds out there, however you can still give us specifics without going overboard.

For example, you could say “My husband and I have been arguing a lot lately. Can you tell me how this will play out?”

That is a specific and targeted question. It will also allow the reader to know that she’s on the right track if she pulls up any cards that indicate that you and your husband have been fighting. She can then show you the possible outcome but may be able to give you advice to change the outcome. This is much better than saying “Tell me about my love life.”

Be Honest
You may feel tempted to lie during your tarot reading if some embarrassing information comes up or you may want to test your reader to see how good she really is, but please don’t. You have come to us for a service, and we are putting our time and energy into a work that we believe in so that we can help you to make good, life altering decisions. If you begin to lead us down a false trail, we will become confused and frustrated, which will make for a lousy reading.

By lying to us, you put us in an uncomfortable situation. Most psychics will not call you out on your lies during your tarot reading, but as intuitives, many of us know when you are feeding us a line of bologna. Anyone drawn to our line of work is compassionate and caring. We don’t want to embarrass you or make you feel bad. So if we sense that you are lying, we will most likely stop doing readings for you, whether they are paid for or not.

Good tarot readers, psychics and lightworkers are passionate about our work, and we can not give you accurate answers or advice unless you are 100% honest with us. Feeding us wrong information will result in an inaccurate reading, and if you have made the decision to lie during your tarot reading, don’t be upset with the messenger if the results of the reading don’t come out the way you had hoped.

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