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Set Intentions And Not Goals For The New Year

Jan 03, 2022

The new year can bring about feelings of excitement and hope, but as the year goes on, we can experience fatigue, depression and disappointment.

Why is that?

I believe that a lot of this has to do with the expectations and goals that we set at the start of the new year. For example, before January 1 2021, many of us thought that life would get back to normal. We thought (or at least, we hoped) that face masks would be a thing of the past and that restaurants, amusement parks, theaters, and other places would go back to their normal operating standards.

But they didn't. Sure, things re-opened, but they didn't go back to normal, and that was disappointing for many of us.

There's also the issue of setting personal goals that seem achievable at the time, but as life goes on, various different challenges can come our way, and the goal that we thought was in our grasp is now a million miles away.

It's discouraging.

So this year, I've decided that I'm not going to set goals for myself. Instead I've decided to set an intention.

Intention vs. Goal

Goals are often a means to an end. They often come with a deadline, and a strict set of rules. If we break one of these rules, or if we miss the deadline, then we missed our goal and can feel like a failure.

Unlike a goal, an intention is a lot less rigid, and a lot more fluid. An intention doesn't usually have a due date, and the outcome doesn't have to be so defined. 

An intention can come to you, whereas a goal is something you may have to work hard for. An intention encourages you and inspires you, and leaves room for error. A goal can deplete and discourage you if you don't achieve it. An intention doesn't have to be measurable by anyone other than you. 

Your intention can be:
- To be happier
- To have more faith in yourself
- To be more spiritual
- To do less things and find ways to make life easier

It is completely possible to create goals around your intentions, but this year, I've decided to allow my intentions to create a life, and a course, of their own.

I don't have a rigid plan for this. I've simply decided to follow my heart and to see where it leads.

In the video above, I dive into this a little deeper. I also discuss things like toxic goals and spiritual goals vs physical goals.

To help you to get clear about your intentions, I've created this free workbook for you.

You can download it here:

If you have any questions on how to fill it out, watch the video above, and fast forward to the 17:28 mark.

Feel free to share this resource with your friends and loved ones. You'll notice that this planner doesn't have dates or calendars on them. That means you can print it up and use it again for every new year. :)


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