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Signs Your Deceased Loved Ones Are Near You

Mar 13, 2022

 Nicole Antoinette, Psychic Medium

People can feel lonely and sad at times, especially after the death of a loved one. Loneliness can be so overwhelming that it's challenging to get out of bed in the morning. Losing someone close to you is an unbearable and painful experience. It appears that life has lost its meaning.

But what if you knew there were signs that your deceased loved ones were nearby, protecting and guiding you? What if there were spirits who were always keeping an eye on you? Signs that they are available to you at any time of day or night? What if these signs could show you that your deceased loved ones are still alive?

Chances are, your loved ones in spirit have been sending you signals, but they may have been so subtle that you missed them, or you recognize a sign but convince yourself that it was all in your head. In this video, we'll look at the 12 most common symptoms that your loved ones in spirit are visiting you and keeping an eye on you. This way, you'll be able to notice them when they appear and have faith in them when they do.

You Sense Their Presence

In the dark, thinking about your loved one while cherishing some of the most precious memories of that person, It's like there's an invisible being or person in the room with you. You might even have a sensation that you can't quite identify or describe because it's not a physical sense. However, you may feel tingling in your body, and your fight or flight response may kick in. As a result, your heartbeat may begin to pound faster. But this is primarily a gut feeling. Even if you can't see or hear this person, you sense that they are there. This phenomenon has impacted people from all walks of life, and it usually happens more than once. So, if you feel someone in the room with you, it is most likely a loved one visiting you.

 Remember that our bodies have a frequency. Spirit has a frequency. So when a loved one passes over, you're still tuned in to their spirit's frequency. So when they can project their energy into the room, you can pick that up because you've been tuned in to them for a while while they were on Earth. So they can project their essences. That's how you'll connect when they visit.

You Smell A Scent That Reminds You Of Them

In addition to feeling someone in the room, you may also smell, whiff, or catch a scent that is familiar to your loved one on the other side. Assume your father drank a specific whiskey brand, or your grandfather smoked a particular cigar or pipe. Your departed loved ones probably had distinct scents that were unique to them. As a result, you may notice that you occasionally smell these, entirely out of the blue, while walking down the hall, minding your own business, not even thinking about them. Rest assured that your loved one or spirit is sending you that message.

You Feel A Physical Touch

You might start to feel like someone is playing with your hair, or tingling in your scalp, or gently pulling on your hair if your spirit sister used to do so frequently. A stranger's hand on yours is a common warning sign. A physical presence can also manifest as a physical sensation without directly touching you. It could be like having someone sit next to you on the couch or having your dog jump up on your bed. Sidney jumped on the bed with confidence and a distinct feeling. 

You Hear Them

You can hear their voice, which is number four. My friend's son had died. And being in a car accident was a nightmare. Her thoughts were naturally on her son during the funeral. The funeral director had never heard her son's voice before, so he couldn't identify it as yeah, that's your thoughts. Your son's presence and voice confirmed that there was a sound to this poor mother. And every mother knows her child's voice. So they can show up when we need them. And it will be obvious. Their voice is unique, and no one else can imitate it. And it's not like you're watching YouTube on your phone or Instagram on your tablet. Because there's nothing around to project their voice, a video of them appears. People have reported hearing the voices of their deceased loved ones through electronic means. Any electrical device that allows them to project their voice can be hijacked. And they can express themselves. They usually hum a song or a single word. However, another client sent me fascinating footage from her security cameras, and her mother had died two or three years prior. Jessica, where are you? Her mother yelled when no one was home. Nobody else in the room could have said it. Of course, her kids and husband didn't sound like her, but if you listen to a recording or watch a video. Yes, you can hear your deceased loved one's voice or listen to them on a phone call. Escaping the body is a great way to communicate with spirits. It seems to me that whenever you talk to someone who's lost someone or discuss signs, at least one in five has had the experience of hearing their deceased loved one's voice after death, whether it was through their audible ears, they may have heard them say a word or phrase, or I've heard them sing. So they may see a singer during a song or come via electricity. Consider video or phone recordings.

You Dream of Them

A loved one who appears in your dreams frequently comments on current events in your life. Dream visitation will take place in a familiar and comfortable place for you. It could be your childhood home or a theme park. If you have fond memories of this loved one at a specific amusement park, park, hiking trail, or restaurant, the dream visitation may occur there. Dreams about your deceased loved one can help you solve a problem or give you advice.

They may also come through to say they're okay, happy, and reunited with someone on the other side. If they aren't talking to you. If you have a traumatic dream about a loved one, it is most likely your subconscious mind to work through a trauma.

Animals, Birds, And Pretty Insects

Sixth on the list, animals, birds, butterflies, and dragonflies suddenly appear to be drawn to you or your home. If you notice an increase in butterfly activity in your yard or garden but no plants or colors, that should attract them. That can be a good sign that your loved one is nearby, enticing the animals to come near you. My friend Debbie told me about this beautiful story. She went to her mother's grave with her nephew and sister while she was taking my embracing heaven course. She chose to write on a lovely little bench nearby. So she sat on the bench and wrote.

As she started writing, a brown butterfly approached. Its wing was broken. And this butterfly was unique. "How interesting that this butterfly should land on my journal just as I'm about to write," she thought. So the butterfly just hung around, unsure what to do. Deb took out a pen and a piece of paper. As she was about to start writing, the butterfly moved over to her and placed one of its tiny hands or arms on her hand, holding it for a few seconds. That was a special moment for her. Deb says she had broken wings, a broken heart, and a deep longing for her mother. And this experience was compelling. And she knew it was her mother speaking. You know, how often does a butterfly land on your book or you and then come in and put its arm on your hand? His little tiny arm on your writing? Butterflies aren't known for holding hands. So I believe her mother sent her that experience, and Deb agrees. So that's an example. So, if you're assigned animals, they'll come to you when they're not at home. When an animal that your loved one adored and adored comes to you in an unusual location or walks right up to the door, you can be sure that they are not in their natural habitat. That's a spiritual visitation. It's not like your loved one is a cardinal, a dog, a wolf, or anything else. Instead, it's like your loved one is coaxing that animal, those butterflies, or the dragon to show you they are still nearby.


Electronics Go Bonkers

Then there's the strange and vandal behavior of electronics. My iPad decided to chime in during this segment, and it's now muted. So I'm not sure how it was. But it was distracting me. So now I have to re-enact this scene. In any case, it could have been a sign from my loved one. But most characters are a little fancier. So, how does it look? Your lights may appear to be acting strangely; spirits frequently use electronics, including sunlight. Last year, I lost a friend. And he started fiddling with one of my lamps. So he dimmed one of the lamps, then brightened it dim and brighten up dim and brighten up dim and brighten up dim and brighten up That was odd because the lamp didn't have that setting. We had a few months' supplies of light bulbs. It wasn't going out.

Along with the light, I felt a new presence in our home, as if we had new spirits. We found out later that day that my friend had died. This made him sad and exciting when he came to our house and started playing with the lights. He played with the lights in the room and the studio. He was here for a few days and just played with the lights. Other ways your loved ones can play with your electronics are to turn on the TV, turn it off, change the channel, or, as happened earlier today while I was filming, start playing with them. That's to catch your eye. So don't be scared. In hopes that you'll notice the odd electronic behavior and wonder, "Is that my loved one and spirit?" So they send you signs. It's not always to communicate; it's to make you notice something's off and wonder why. Once you've called the electrician or checked the light bulbs, you're good to go. That's when you'll seek supernatural aid. Because they've got your attention, they can start sending you more signs and messages. Now you're thinking outside the box, wondering if it's your deceased loved one trying to reach you. And the answer is usually yes.


Eighth, you start noticing synchronicities. These synchronicities will now be linked to your loved one's signature. And I don't mean a physical signature, though some of you may think so. So, your loved one was born on January 11th. So the date is 111. As a result, 111 appears everywhere. You suddenly see it on billboards and license plates and get a call from an unknown number that includes 111. When you go to the store to pay, the total is $11.10. So the 111 is back, and it will happen often. As a result, those signs that 111 Appear out of the blue. And it's a lot more than usual, so you're flooded. A song in your head can also help you come up with ideas. It could be a 20-year-old song that gets little radio play. Then, as you drive to work, that song starts playing. Once at work, you enter the elevator, and the song begins. Then you go into the store and guess what song is playing. So, once again, you'll notice that the music pops up in unexpected places. Recent songs get a lot more airplay than older songs, so I wouldn't consider that a sign—for example, a song that you love or your deceased loved. The lyrics may also make you think of a loved one, which is a good sign. That's how you'll know it's a sign from them.


Your Things Disappear

Things move and then vanish. When you get home, a picture may have fallen off the wall or shelf, and when you pick it up, it may be a picture of you and your loved one. This could be a fun little adventure for you. And spirit makes the final call. A spirit will get someone's attention by moving a specific object so your loved one can move things around.

This usually indicates who is moving your stuff from the other side. I believe everything they do, move, hide, or misplace has a purpose. We can communicate with them if we follow their instructions and find what we're looking for.

You See Them

You see them with your physical eyes and possibly your mind's eye. As a result, it may be a full-blown apparition. You might catch a glimpse of them out of the corner of your eye, as happens when people see their loved ones moving or walking by. In other words, it shows that you have found a way to communicate with your loved one from the other side. If you see someone at the foot of your bed, that's a visitation.

If you turn your head again, you may or may not see them out of the corner of your eye. They appear fully operational, part apparition, whatever it is when a loved one visits you physically. To overcome the temptation to dismiss it as a figment of your imagination, figure out why they've appeared, and ask them if they have a message for you.

Lights & Orbs

An actual orb has a bright center surrounded by exciting energy. These are not spirit communications of spirits attempting to communicate with you. Some lights appear out of nowhere; for example, a section of your darkroom may light up or appear lighter than the rest of the room. It will most likely light up from the inside, have an exciting movement, may follow someone, or take a clear path. Lens flares are usually green or blue.

What you see is light reflecting off the fire from the porch, whatever bug it is. While orbs and lights frequently appear in camera videos, they are not always accurate. Do some research before deciding what you've captured is an orb versus dust, a bug, or Lens Flare.

Goosebumps, cold spots, and chills

Finally, and probably fairly common, are goosebumps and cold spots in shows. Here's another story. Soon after moving into my current home, I noticed some ghostly activity. And the spirits are nice and friendly. But I think they feared being exercised and being ejected from the house. Honestly, we never considered it. You don't get anything negative from them. They were very active when we moved in. So, two or three months after moving in, I had this exciting experience. I felt a spirit pass through me as I entered the closet. And I got chills from my head to my toes. I had goosebumps all over. The biggest goosebumps I'd ever had. I was so taken with it that I rushed to take a photo. And I was astounded, wondering what was that? A picture of it didn't come out. Or I'd show you. That was a lot of goosebumps! The chills I got, wow, what an exciting experience. It was intense and fast. But I mean intense in a good way, not scared. It was just intriguing. It was fascinating. Before, I'd had spirits brush against me, and I'd felt tingling on one side of my body. But this was the first time I felt a spirit moving through me. So that was unique and interesting. You may get chills and goosebumps if a spirit is nearby because whether you're intuitive or psychic. Your body has an auric field that senses everything. So, if a heart or soul is nearby, your body and the energy frequency it emits can pick up on the spirit or soul's energy frequency. As a result, your mind and body interpret the received information better. So a cold breeze may give you goosebumps or chills because that is how your extrasensory and physical sensory faculties communicate.


It's hard to receive different signs when someone close to you has died, and a part of you wonders if you're making it up. The more you recognize the spirit's symbols and signs, the more you will recognize them. You are not insane; spirits are visiting you. And it's fantastic. Enroll in my online course, embracing heaven, to learn more about spear communication and dream visits.





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