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The Difference Between Ghosts, Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and Gods and Goddesses

Mar 08, 2021

Names and titles of divine beings often get intermingled which can cause great confusion for those of us living in the physical realm. While all spirit is connected, and comes from the same source of life, not all beings have originated in the same way. This article will help to clarify what the difference is between these well-known deities and how they came to be.

Ghosts are not spirit guides. They are spirits who are confused and often times, they don’t even know that they are dead. They will wonder around familiar places looking for loved ones who have long since passed on. These spirits continue to wonder around in a type of purgatory because they don’t know how to cross over.

Most ghosts died due to a violent accident or murder or through a devastating disease or illness. They’re passing was unpleasant and painful, and filled with emotional anguish. Many believe that these intense, emotional feelings keeps their energy trapped here.

Famous ghosts include: Anne Boleyn, Abraham Lincoln, Michael Jackson and many others.

Spirit guides were once regular people like us. They walked the earth in physical bodies, and had families and jobs just like we do. When they died, they were either asked to become a spirit guide or they volunteered to become one. Most spirit guides volunteer to become guides for their family members or close friends who are still on this earth. In fact, some spirit guides continue to be a guide for their family bloodline for several generations.

Famous spirit guides include: Mark Twain, Eleanor Roosevelt, Liberace and many others.

Angels are non-denominational beings that are recognized in just about every culture and religion. Every person has at least one guardian angel but whether they decide to listen to them is a different matter. It is often believed that when a person dies, they become an angel, but this is a popular misconception. Angels have been around before the creation of earth. Christian folklore tells us that they were created by God to be his devoted servants. Other beliefs show that angels also assist mankind in healing, delivering messages, decision making and in other inspired actions or divine phenomenons.

Angels can have different rankings and can be designated to different tasks. In addition to guardian angels, there are also archangels, virtues, cherubim, seraphim and more.

Famous angels include: Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and many more.

Ascended Masters are people who walked the earth and lead a highly spiritual life. They lead the way to enlightenment for others and often had disciples who helped them to spread their message. Some Ascended Masters have walked the earth only once, while others reincarnate from time to time. They share the realm of gods and goddesses.

Famous Ascended Masters include: Jesus Christ, Buddha, Gandhi and many more.

Gods and Goddesses are as old as the universe, yet some are older than others. Some were created and born into the birthright realm of the gods. Each god or goddess has their own responsibilities, just as the angels do. Gods and goddesses are very powerful beings and have the ability to create other gods, planets, universes and creatures.

Some gods and goddesses are highly concerned with the well-being of mankind, while others couldn’t care less.

Famous gods and goddesses include: Athena, Zeus, Vishnu and many others.

The Universe is the soul energy source of all living creatures. From the Universe, lesser gods and goddesses were created, as were angels and people. The Universe has many names such as God, Allah, Shiva, The Divine and so on.

Each and everyone of us are connected to this amazing source of energy, love and light. It is the source all knowledge and wisdom, and is filled with untapped potential and possibilities. It is also the source of life itself.

Whenever you engage with a spirit guide, angel, ascended master or god or goddess, you are touching the face of the Most High God as they are in direct contact with him or her. While it is possible for humans to go to God directly in prayer and meditation, s/he often invokes helpers to work directly with us. All beings were created to with specific gifts, talents and skills. Each being (including you) has a purpose, part of which is to help bring balance and harmony to the universe.

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