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The Science of Afterlife Communication

Apr 11, 2021

Have you ever wondered what makes spirit communication possible?

I have. As a psychic medium, I'm not entirely sure what allows me to connect with spirit. Sure, I'm familiar with vibrations, chakras, connecting with the higher self, and while all of these techniques work, they seem to be theories at best.

Or are they?

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with GaiaTV and Travel Channel's Jonny Enoch to discuss what makes afterlife communication possible. Jonny Enoch is a clinical hypnotherapist and writer from Vancouver, Canada.

Jonny's groundbreaking talks about ancient mysteries, secret societies and consciousness have been well received at conferences all over the world. What makes his work different is that he explores every angle of the unknown, while tapping into the deeper layers of the human mind and consciousness, tracking down experts in remote parts of the world, scouring libraries for rare manuscripts, or getting dirty, crawling on his hands and knees under ancient temples. His charismatic investigations into lost ancient civilizations, ET contactees, and unexplained phenomena have been featured numerous times on popular shows like Coast 2 Coast with George Noory, Fade 2 Black with Jimmy Church, and TV shows like Beyond Belief, Deep Space and Ancient Civilizations. He will also be a featured expert in the upcoming docuseries "The Shadow Dimension," produced by Michael Ricksecker of Haunted Road Media.

Enoch's work reveals an intelligent blueprint found within world religions and ancient symbolism while exploring quantum physics, the multiverse and ancient consciousness technologies. In his numerous travels to megalithic sites around the world, he has discovered evidence for giants with elongated heads, advanced machining and subterranean civilizations.

During my chat with Jonny, we discussed topics such as:



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