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The Curse Of Glee

I’ve been watching the documentary series “The Price of Glee” on Discovery+ (which happens to be one of my favorite tv networks) and I had no idea that the cast and crew of that hit tv show had experienced so many traumas and misfortunes.

I remember when Glee was on the air and how popular it was. My friends raved about it and you couldn’t scroll through Facebook without seeing something about Glee.

The odd thing is that I tried to watch it several times, but I just couldn’t get into it. I remember trying to watch it one evening, and I laughed at the jokes, I liked the music, the dancing and the singing voices of the cast were outstanding, but still….something about the show just rubbed me the wrong way and I couldn’t enjoy it. I couldn’t figure out why that was, and instead of trying to force myself to like something that I should have liked (I really can’t stress how much the music and comedy were right up my ally), I just accepted that it gave me a weird feeling and I couldn’t watch the show.

Now, years later, I’m watching the Price of Glee, learning about the tragedy behind Cory and Naya, and the despicable actions of Mark (my brother was placed under house arrest for the same crime as Mark, so this hits a little too close to home for me), as well as the death and tragedies of other crew members. In short, I’m learning about the Curse of Glee.

Was GLEE really under the influence of a curse? Honestly, I believe it was.

It is definitely not normal for that many tragedies to take place on a tv show. Yes, the cast worked grueling hours. Yes, the work was painful. Yes, the cost of fame is high.

But other tv shows and movie productions have worked just as hard and have not experienced the same weird fate as Glee.

What caused the curse of Glee?

No one really knows, but I have a three theories.

Hollywood, and the entertainment industry as a whole, is known for being cut throat. Everyone wants their 5 minutes of fame and for some people, that fame can be addicting.

Add to the fact that most people who are hungry for fame are narcissists and psychopaths, or people who feel so unloved that they’re trying to fill that void in their heart, and you’ve created a breeding ground for the most toxic energies imaginable.

Imagine that you’re a young, impressionable teenage girl and you have dreams of making a career out of doing the things you love…acting and singing. You also want to feel the love of adoring fans. You long to be recognized for your talents and valued for who you are. You believe that the world has so much to offer you. So with a heart full of hope, you audition for a role in a show called Glee but you don’t get the part.

Your ego is crushed. It takes weeks for you to recover from the betrayal and rejection. Yes, life is hard, and the competition in Hollywood is stiff, and yes, the chances of you getting the role was small to begin with. But there was a part of you that believed you were destined for that role. You really wanted it! You would have given your soul for it.

As a young rejected person, what do you do now?

Three Possible Curses 1. The Intentional Curse. You collect the names of the people involved with the show, you get some rusty nails, a mason jar, ammonia and maybe you even make a few cornhusk dolls. You get to work summoning up some black magic and you pour all of your anger into your shaker jars. You light some black candles, you draw some blood, and you call upon the forces of darkness to wreck havoc on the people who rejected you.

If you happen to be a part of a coven, or you know others who were also rejected by the show’s producers, it might be easy to persuade them to be a part of this ritual. So now, you have a small group of people working with you to cause harm and havoc on the show and those involved with it.

You might be asking, “Can a small group of people, or even just one person, really affect the energy of an entire production company, including cast and crew, that much?” Absolutely, it can! Think of a time when you were at a party, and one person there, someone you didn’t know, told a joke that had everyone laughing. The laughter was contagious, and put everyone in a great mood.

That ‘great mood’ was a chemical response to one person’s words. One person’s energy. One.

And it affected a multitude of people.

Curses work in the same way.

It’s worth mentioning that even a prayer spoken once or many times toward the intended target can send bad energy to someone. They don’t have to go through the measures of creating a ritual or spell.

2. The Unintentional Curse. Many of us are familiar with the power of intention, and those of us who have toyed with the laws of manifesting know that if you want to elicit change, you must have focus and strong emotional charge.

Emotions like anger, joy, gratitude, love and sadness can all charge a spell, ritual, prayer, manifestation or intention really well. I can not count how many times I became frustrated when trying to manifest something, only to get pissed off and tell the Universe “Fine! I quit! You handle this!” and what I wanted manifested within hours.

The mere act of getting angry, focusing on what I wanted, letting it go and putting the Universe in the driver’s seat brought me what I wanted just a few hours later. I’ve seen this happen over and over again with relatively small, yet important things.

Well, imagine that there are a lot of people who are pissed off with Glee and its success.

There are going to be thousands of people who are extremely jealous of the cast members for different reasons.

Perhaps Melissa has a friend from 7th grade who secretly misses her and feels abandoned by her. Melissa is given this great opportunity, is now on Glee, and her friend from Jr. High feels rejected and abandoned.

While she’s marinating in feelings of rage and betrayal, she’s focused on Melissa.

Well, that energy is now going right to Melissa.

Imagine that being magnified by all the other people who have jealous or rage-filled thoughts about Melissa. Some of them know her, but most of them don’t. They’re jealous of her because…

  • They think she’s prettier than them.

  • She seems to have the life that they want.

  • They feel like they should have gotten the role, and not her.

  • They think she’s stuck up in real life

  • They want her but can’t have her

Intense, hyper-focused jealousy, anger and other negative feelings can cause chaos in someone’s life.

And if just one person’s energy can affect us, imagine what it would be like of if hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people wanted us to fail.

There’s no doubt that there would have been people inside Hollywood who were jealous of the show’s success too, so they would have been sending negative, rage-filled thoughts to the producers and the show itself.

And let’s not forget, there is power in numbers.

3. Negative self-talk. As I watch the Price of Glee, it becomes very apparent that there was an interesting mix of people on set. Some were clearly narcissistic, but others were sweet and struggling in their own ways.

There’s no-doubt that some of these members of the cast and crew suffered from imposter syndrome, depression and anxiety. In addition to that, there’s bound to be some cast and crew members who don’t get along.

Negative self-talk from people with depression, imposter syndrome, anxiety or a host of other issues might be:

  • I don’t deserve to be here.

  • I’m not as good as everyone else here.

  • What if people realize I’m a fraud?

  • I can’t handle this fame. I don’t like it.

  • If people knew the real me, they would hate me.

  • If I screw up, I’m done for.

  • Everyone hates me.

  • I feel so alone.

  • I should be happy, but I’m not.

Then, you have the thoughts of the entitled, selfish people on set who think things like:

  • (Insert name) is so annoying. I hope she chokes on her water and dies.

  • Of course I deserve to be here. It’s all these other scumbags who shouldn’t be here.

  • I don’t understand why anyone likes (insert name).

  • I’ll start a rumor on set to get everyone to turn against him/her.

The selfish, narcissistic people believe that they deserve all of the fame, money, glory and power that they are receiving, and not only do they want more of it, but they are literally wishing harm and failure on their fellow teammates.

It’s just sad.

The people who have the negative self-talk are the ones who are the easiest prey for curse energy, because they are accidentally participating in the curse with their poor thoughts and negative emotions.

We can absolutely curse ourselves, and most people do this by accident. It's why our thoughts, environment, self-care and emotions are so important. Toxic thoughts against ourselves are prayers against ourselves. And if we think lowly of ourselves, imagine how much the energy is going to be impacted by the negative energy of those who are close to us and secretly wishing for our demise, and the people we don’t even know who may want us to fail.

That’s a lot of energy aimed at one person! It’s like having a million arrows flying directly at you, and you have no shield or cover. That energy is going to make its way to you, and it's going to cause harm.

With a production as big as Glee, I have no doubt that all three of these curse forms were in play, and I have no doubt that this curse energy is still latching on to the cast and crew of the show, even though the show has been over for a few years now.

Why is the curse energy still alive and well? Why is it continuing to haunt the cast, crew and possibly location of the show? Because energy can never die. It can only be transformed or transferred.

Unless the cast and crew have done some work to rid themselves of the curse, it will continue to stick and it will continue to harm them. What’s worse is that it can grow and become darker and heavier in time if people don’t get the appropriate help that they need to reverse the curse.

Have you ever wondered if you’re under the influence of a curse? Here’s a video that I made a few years ago of the top 10 symptoms of a curse.

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Now I want to watch this. Thank you for this, I truly believe you can be cursed.

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