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The Power of Energy Anchors: Vital Insights for Psychics and Mediums

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Have you ever wondered why sometimes your psychic energy seems to ebb and flow, almost as if it’s tethered to some unseen force? It's not your imagination; it's the influence of what I have come to call "energy anchors". Just like physical anchors hold ships steady against the push and pull of ocean currents, energy anchors are places, people, or experiences that psychics and mediums draw strength from. They ground us, nourish us, and enable us to tap into our unique abilities more effectively.

Energy Anchors: The Psychic's Lifeline

Energy anchors act as the sun to our psychic solar panels; they charge our internal psychic battery. When we are in the presence of our anchors, our energy soars. Conversely, when we are away from them, we may find our psychic abilities are somewhat depleted.

Take, for instance, a psychic who draws their energy from the sun. Cloudy days might make it hard for them to connect to their psychic abilities. Yes, they can take Vitamin D and use UV lamps to maintain their physical well-being, but these solutions are akin to using band-aids to fix a wound that requires stitches. It might help temporarily, but won't replenish the psychic energy they derive from the sun.

There are also psychics who notice that the cycles of the moon affect their abilities, where others do not. For psychics who's gifts are affected by the moon, it's easy to see that the moon is one of their own psychic energy anchors.

For an extroverted medium who finds her energy anchor in crowds, solitude or toxic environments can quickly deplete her psychic battery.

While it might seem that visualizing your energy anchor should provide a boost, this method often offers short-term relief at best.

Why is this so? Simply put, energy anchors are not work; they're like refreshing natural springs that fill us up organically, often without us realizing. Imagine taking a walk outside, appreciating the beauty of flowers, and listening to the songs of the birds all around you. It's much different than visualizing the walk; no matter how vividly you picture it, it's never the same as the real experience.

Check out my video about energy anchors here:

Living Without Energy Anchors

As a psychic medium myself, I can testify to the difference that energy anchors can make. Certain places and experiences charge my psychic battery, enabling me to utilize my gifts to their fullest. But take me away from my energy anchors, and I feel my abilities fade. It becomes a struggle to connect to them, if I can connect to them at all.

When I relocated from the sun-soaked landscapes of California to the different environments of Mississippi and Ohio, I felt my mediumship abilities decline. Not only was I disconnected from my Californian energy anchors, but my isolation from familiar faces and places in these new states added to the issue.

Finding New Energy Anchors

While we cannot truly replace our original energy anchors, I firmly believe that we can discover new ones. Some will be stronger than others, and each one plays a vital role in recharging our psychic energy.

To all the psychics and mediums out there, it’s important to realize that being close to your energy anchors is key to nourishing your gifts and abilities naturally. Distance from your anchors can cause your abilities to wane, so always strive to surround yourself with the people, places, and experiences that naturally energize and uplift you.

Also remember that if you are pulled from your energy anchors, regardless of the reason, it's not your fault if you find your gifts fading. There's nothing wrong with you and you aren't broken. You're just away from your energy anchors.

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