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Why Did Your Psychic Abilities Change?

Spiritual awakenings occur at different times and stages for each and every one of us. A sign of a spiritual awakening isn't only the opening of psychic abilities, but also changes in them.

Recently, a woman shared her story with me about how a stroke she had opened up her mediumship abilities. However, over time, this connection to the other side began to fade. She was curious as to why her psychic gifts were changing.

While I didn't have an immediate answer for her, the light beings I work with certainly did. They were eager to share their message, and through their words and the accompanying video, you will gain insights from this profoundly psychic channeled message.

I hope it brings clarity to your journey.

Everything on Earth Changes

One profound truth about existence is that everything on Earth changes. Everything within your dimension and universe is in a state of flux. If we trace the journey back to Earth's creation, we'll observe this unending cycle of change, from a world mired in darkness and ash to a thriving ecosystem of complex beings and complicated situations. It's a constant evolution that parallels the journey of every spirit who chooses to incarnate on Earth.

The Body's Changes Reflect the Spirit's Changes

You, as a spirit, inhabit a human body - a body that looks completely different at the time of death compared to its state at conception. Your body is consistently changing: hormones fluctuate, blood pressure varies, and the neural pathways in your brain are always in flux. The strength and health of your body wane and wax; one day you breathe freely, the next, your nose is stuffy due to allergies. The skin that was once pliable and soft gradually becomes thinner and less supple. In short, your biology is in a constant state of change.

But it's not just you undergoing these shifts. Everything around you, from the people to the environments, is always changing. Nothing remains the same from day to day. You're a day older and a day wiser, and your body acknowledges this through the continuous creation of new cells, rejuvenation, and self-healing.

The Evolving Spirit

Your soul undergoes a similar transformation within the physical dimension. Your spirit changes through your experiences on Earth, and as it evolves, your body strives to keep up. However, for the soul to stay in its physical vessel - the body - it has to be an energetic match. And as the soul grows, changes, and evolves, the body, limited by the physical dimension, can sometimes struggle to maintain pace. This struggle can precipitate significant changes in how you receive spiritual messages and how they filter through you.

Changes in Psychic Impressions

Perhaps when you were younger, you received impressions that felt good and resonated well with your body, mind, energy, and spirit. But years later, these impressions feel different. They might now manifest as physical sensations like heaviness in the chest, a pain in the hip, or even headaches. This change is not a regression, but a reflection of your soul becoming more powerful and creative in the ways it receives messages.

A Soul's Remembrance

As your soul evolves, it undergoes a sort of remembrance, rediscovering how to receive and give out information. This process occurs at the soul level, meaning that your subconscious and conscious mind doesn't always have access to what is taking place within the soul.

Your body, including the subconscious mechanisms, the conscious mind, and the physical aspects, tries to keep up with the soul's evolution and absorb the messages that the soul seeks to integrate within the body. Remember that your body and soul are not meant to work apart; they were always meant to function in unison. It was once a perfect system where a high vibrational spirit could merge with a divine vessel and live a physical human existence.

Are you seeking guidance or clarity on your spiritual journey? Is there a question in your heart that you've been yearning to have answered? I'm here to assist you on your path.

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Take a step towards understanding and clarity today. Let me guide you through the echoes of the universe. I look forward to connecting with you.

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