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The Psychic Mediumship Through The Chakras course is a step-by-step program specifically designed to help you create and sustain a better connection to Spirit in just 21 days.

The course has 7 different guided meditations, one for each chakra. We’ll start by focusing on the first chakra (also known as the root chakra) where you will get to measure it's current health and stability. From there, you will learn how to connect with this chakra and you will follow a similar procedure as you work you're way up to the other chakras with each, individual guided meditation. This will boost the energy of each chakra to increase your connection to Spirit in ways you've never experienced before.

The best part is that this course won't just enhance your abilities as a will strengthen your abilities as a psychic, healer or empath, too. In short, it will strengthen any and all of your natural, God-given spiritual gifts. 

So whether you’re:

  • A new medium who's recently discovered that you can speak to spirits.
  • A seasoned psychic who wants to use your abilities to connect with Spirit
  • Or a seasoned medium who wants to strengthen your clairs, feel more confident in your abilities and hold your connection to Spirit better

… your chakras will provide you with everything you need to become a confident and accurate psychic medium. All you need to do is dedicate 20 - 30 minutes to this easy program each day for 21 days. Your chakras will provide you with everything you need to become a confident and accurate psychic medium. 

In this course, you will...

  • Know that you are completely safe and supported by the Universe as you embark on your path as a Psychic Medium.
  • Learn the art of blending energies so that you can feel your connection to those in this world and the next.
  • Meet your spirit guides, angels and favorite historical figures and spiritual heroes.
  • Visit different realms through the power of your mind.
  • Open and strengthen all of your chakras and their corresponding clairs and attributes.
  • Unlock ancient esoteric secrets and wisdom regarding the afterlife by channeling loving energy from the Universe.
  • Connect with your own friends, family and loved ones on the other side.
  • Establish and maintain a strong, trustworthy link to Spirit.
  • Feel, see and hear accurate messages from the Spirit World. 

Meet Your Instructor

Nicole Antoinette

Nicole Guillaume is a psychic medium, intuitive teacher, an author and speaker, influential YouTube personality, and leader. 

Her specialties are in speaking with the souls of those who have crossed over, communicating with guides and angels, empowering mystics, and encouraging others to discover the wisdom of their soul.

Nicole grew up in a religious family that forbade her from using her gifts for fear that they were demonic. In her late 20s, she realized that she had a unique connection to spirit, and in her early 30s, she began to embrace and enhance her gifts as a tarot card reader and psychic medium. No longer afraid of her gifts or the spirit world, she considers herself a spiritual activist, and believes in a world where we can all safely, and openly practice our own innate psychic abilities, without fear of ridicule, abandonment or persecution.

Nicole takes pride in the fact that she has brought happiness, compassion, understanding, wisdom and knowledge to mediums who suspected they had spiritual abilities, but were too afraid to use them. It is also her pleasure to connect with the spirit world to bring peace, knowledge, comfort and healing messages to those who have lost loved ones.

Nicole has spent years creating spiritually insightful videos, mentoring intuitives and developing online courses that assist people in their spiritual development.

In addition to empowering and equipping her online audience, Nicole is an avid extrovert, and enjoys spending time with her friends, going to amusement parks, finding new hiking trails, training for marathons, cooking delicious and healthy meals (don't get her started on her albondigas), traveling, and of course, planning and creating her next YouTube video or online course.

Bernard H

I have never experienced the root chakra from this point of view.  I replayed the root chakra meditation to get a deeper connection with it. I feel its presence much more now. I also noticed how other chakras activated and were communicating between each other. The root heart and sacral in particular. Love the teacher. Love the awareness it creates. 😎

Carrie G

I took this course with the mindset of gaining more peace and connection to God. I looked at other sources for more information that is readily available about the the chakras. I enjoyed taking this course for the new insights about the chakras. The guided meditations were very pleasant. I like that I can go back and redo the ones that I want to focus on. My intuition is more open and I am more aware of my day to day activities.

Louise C

There are times I enjoy complicated and thought provoking subjects. There are times that if subject is too complex, it borders on being tedious and boring. If the subject matter is too complicated, no matter how much I want to learn the subject, I am overwhelmed and will not be able to focus to finish. This course is simple, concise and easy to understand. Nothing superfluous here. This is exactly what I needed presented in the way that I could manage. It got the job done without boring or scaring me away from the subject matter. Thank you!


If you’re ready to get serious about your gifts and become an accurate evidential medium who has the ability to feel, see and hear the spirits of those who have crossed over…. the purple “ENROLL NOW” button below to start your inner-journey of exploration through each of the seven chakras and gain lifetime access to all future updates of the full Psychic Mediumship Through The Chakras course. ONLY $97 USD

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