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Embracing Heaven: Connect With Your Loved Ones In Spirit

Discover the joy of reconnecting with your loved ones who have passed away. This online course is loaded with several different methods that will allow you to make a connection. Imagine what it would be like to speak to your loved ones again, without having to pay hundreds of dollars to go through a medium. Your loved ones in heaven love you and want to connect with you as much as you want to connect with them.  

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Easy Steps to Strengthen Your Clairvoyance

Strengthening your clairvoyance can be fun, and in this online course, it is! You will learn how to enhance all of your clairs through a method that I call ‘layer the clairs!’ You’ll also gain insight into how archetypes and symbols can provide you with deeper insight whenever you use your clairvoyance. 

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Psychic Mediumship Through The Chakras

Meet your seven main energy centers and learn how they can assist you in your psychic mediumship. Through these guided meditations, you will gage the health of each of your chakras and the soothing voice of Nicole Antoinette will lead you through several lovely visualizations that will help you to open and strengthen each one.

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