Discover the wisdom of your soul.

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Life is uncertain and you need answers.

Maybe you want to know if your loved one on the other side is okay, or perhaps you want to know if you’re on the right track. Things can turn on a dime at any given moment of your life, and when it does, you might find yourself looking for guidance.


Whatever your concerns might be, I’m here to help you sort through them.

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Heidi H.

After going through some very traumatic experiences in the last few years, I was feeling lost and scattered. Nicole was able to pinpoint what was blocking me from moving past the trauma. She was able to help me begin the healing process by giving me specific exercises and meditations to do.  She also helped me to connect and work with my guardian angel.

Melisa C

Melisa C

Nicole Antoinette is amazing at what she does. My mom recently had a session with Nicole who connected to my sister who passed away. It has brought so much comfort to my mother since the reading. Nicole has shared things with us that could only be from my sister. My sister was a unique soul and there were things about her that no one could know unless they knew her personally. We have felt my sisters spirit around us more strongly since Nicole has connected and we are getting signs from her everywhere. Nicole is a wonderful medium!

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Matthew Stapley

Wowww!! I just had a reading from Nicole Antoinette, Psychic Medium and I absolutely LOVED it! Her style is so compassionate and direct and the messages were absolutely accurate. If you're looking for someone who can shine some bright light on some tough stuff I'd recommend checking her out!


Hi, I'm Nicole!

I help people to connect to their loved ones in spirit and to get clarity on their future.


I also teach intuitive people how to master their psychic gifts and spiritual abilities so that they can find their purpose, be a light in the world and live their calling.

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Want to be happier and strengthen your psychic gifts?


Just plug in your ear phones, turn up the volume and enjoy!

This meditation allows you to:

  • Raise your vibration

  • Enhance your psychic abilities

  • Keep your body healthy

  • Lower stress

  • Cultivate inner-peace and joy

  • Feel more grounded

  • Connect with Universal Energy

Thanks! Check your email for the link to download your free guided meditation!