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A Love Without Boundaries

Jesus loves you.

When you begin to take responsibility for your own spiritual life, and you choose to follow the calling of your heart, you may feel a deep sense of sadness or even regret as you walk away from the spiritual or religious beliefs of your past.

You might have been raised in an environment where you were taught that Jesus will only love you if you dedicate your life to the church, or that God will be mad at you and send you to hell if you listen to your intuition and engage in psychic practices.

Or perhaps you grew up in a different culture, with a different religion, and you were taught that the gods and ancestors that are associated with your spiritual heritage would be enraged and would punish you if you didn't abide by their traditions.

Let me reassure you that the Divine itself loves you, and holds you in the utmost love, sovereignty and honor.

The Divine spark within you breathes light into your world and into your heart. It provides you with your dreams and it is the voice of wisdom that resides within you.

The Divine - through your intuition - tugs at your heart, encouraging your footsteps and your path. It is the very beings that you serve and love that are encouraging you to embrace, accept and enhance your psychic gifts because they know how powerful you truly are. They believe in you!

Dear, sweet soul, you do not have to throw out the gods, goddesses, saints or deities of your past as you embark on your new spiritual future. Each of them are more than thrilled to join you on the ride.

And if you grew up in a religion such as Christianity, know that you are not forsaking the love of Christ or God as you embrace the wisdom of your soul. In fact, one might even argue that you are encompassing the Christ Consciousness itself as you fix your thoughts on that which is loving and good, and as you endeavor to be a powerful, loving and healing influence in your world.

Christ won't abandon you and you don't have to abandon Christ, or God, or the saints, or the Krishnas or whomever you believe in. They love you. The all love you. And as you dive deeper into your own psychic journey, you can continue to love them, and ask for their guidance as you open up new doors of wisdom and understanding on your own spiritual path.

You can embrace the gods of old as you set out to embrace a spiritual journey that's new.

I hope this helps.



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